Thursday, November 11, 2010

Turkey, A Julian Orillac trip

     When I think about Turkey these are the words that comes to mind: FOOD and fun, but I am guessing you want to know what actually happened on the trip. So it was 10: 47pm exactly when my grade got onto a bus and drove to the airport. When we got to the airport all I could thing about was Sleep and Food, and any ways I got onto the airplane at 2 am and i am full on sugar like always and cant go to sleep but after 10 minutes I look next to me and my friends were asleep. But here's the funny thing, almost 2 hours into the flight I really had to go to the bathroom I was on the window, food was on the small tables and the people next to me were asleep so i was in a small corner having to use the little boy's room dying thinking of pee. So half an hour later I grew desperate I climbed over the chairs next to me and ran to the bathroom, I was enlightened. 
        Once we arrived in Istanbul I was about as dead as Napolean is and there was a 5-hour layover and I felt like I was about to die so I looked across the gate and saw just what I needed starbucks at that moment this was what I was thinking:
Coffee=energy energy=good. So you can guess what I did, I bought a large Frapachino and drank it down in one gulp. My first.

 5 best things of turkey:

  1. Tunnels, long and mysterious underground tunnels
  2. Rock churches
  3. roommates 
  4. nature
  5. amazing view from airplane

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  1. Thanks for the post, Julian. Sounds like fun.