Sunday, October 17, 2010

dining in the desert

With the dips in temperature bringing us into a season of delightful evenings (even if the days are still toasty) we headed out to the desert this Saturday for a barbecue in the dunes.  It's true that Abu Dhabi has some downsides for someone who has lived for the most part in the most cosmopolitan cities--but it does have the desert (and plenty of it).
A short 45 minutes from our downtown villa had us pretty much in another world.  This time we had no one to follow so it was a bit more of an adventure, but when we spotted a troop of camels we figured we were in the right spot.

The camels were completely befuddled when they saw our cars and finally sent an emissary to lead them around the cars.  Once he was safely by the rest of the group followed.  They didn't even glance at the humans...
Our dogs made the journey for the first time -- it wasn't a walk in the Burgundian countryside, but they were pretty excited.  Of course we came back with more than our share of the desert attached to us (this is when the pool really comes in handy) and our dinner was crunchier than usual--it was still an excellent way to spend an evening.

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