Wednesday, November 17, 2010

india-- part one

This family, we're a pack
We travel all around.
This week we explored India,
Those exotic sites Mom found.

We started out in Delhi,
Seperated into Old and New,
Followed Gandhi's footsteps
Saw a mosque and temple too.

Next day, off to Agra!
The Taj Mahal we did see
Stood on line to look inside
And got there, finally.

Jaipur was our next visit,
We stayed in a palace (number one).
Did you know all their buildings are pink?
The elephants were so much fun!!
in front of the taj

From palace to tents  
We went to the camelfair
We saw them dance and prance
And shopped with care.

Today it rained and poured
outside jaipur
But luckily we were in the car.
Tonight we sleep at a palace 

(number two)
For tomorrow we travel far. 

camels at the pushkar fair

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